About the Artist
I didn't pick up a paint brush until 2000 when on vacation in the Caribbean.

I had taken along a kid's box of 8 colors and a small tablet of paper. I thought that since I'd want to be out of the sun for a couple hours at noon, and since there is a limit to the number of novels I can read in one sitting, I'd play with the watercolors, not realizing that it was both fun and addictive.

So, when my mother-in-law asked what I wanted for Christmas, I said "watercolors and paper".
She sent my sister-in-law, a textile and craft artist, shopping. Well, it was the best of gifts, and one thing just lead to another. I will now paint on almost anything. I've used watercolor or acrylic on paper, canvas and have also painted on cigar boxes, glassware, coolers and a moose antler.

For additional fun, I like the concept of cartoons. Especially those that work off word play or bad puns, (as if there were any other sort of puns).

Background and Interests
Jan Deswik is originally a native of the Chicago area, where she grew up among four talented sisters. One cold winter's day in 2009 she decided "enough was enough" and relocated along with her husband to Naples, Florida in 2010.
She began her artistic career in 2000 and quickly became an accomplished watercolorist and cartoonist without the benefit of formal training.

Jan graduated from The University of Illinois at Chicago, receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing, and also attended Jochi Diagaku (Sophia University) in Tokyo, Japan, where she was awarded an MBA in International Finance. She is currently a principal of Jan Deswik Arts, a local art studio and gallery. Jan also holds a Community Association Manager (CAM) Certification and License in Florida,and maintains a studio and membership in the Naples Art District, is an active member and teacher for the United Arts Council of Collier County and the Rookery Bay Environmental Learning Center, as well as offering classes at a number of other venues in the Naples area. Her interests also include Classical Music, Opera and Jazz, having become an accomplished "radio player". She is known for her sense of humor, and for her love of Haiku and bad puns.

Artist Statement
Working primarily from mental images, memories and impressions I aim for an ethereal, dreamlike quality to convey an emotional experience rather than a mere snapshot of the subject. While my subjects are based loosely on scenes and experiences from the natural world, this abstract, interpretive style sharply diverges from the photorealistic portrayals more typical of watercolor artists.

Currently a resident of Naples, Florida, I take advantage of having lived and traveled in the Far East and draw upon the influences of Asian styles and techniques such as the vibrant colors of Japanese woodblock prints, the perspectives of Chinese landscape painting and the simple yet elegant images of sumi-e ink painting.

I want to draw you, the viewer, into the images prompting individual interpretation and a personalization of the viewing experience. Sometimes this is with unexpected use of color, shape and perspective, and sometimes it is the changes in the subject from everyday to memory inspired. What is important to me is what the viewer sees in a painting, what I could think about it is not remotely as interesting to me as what you tell me you see.